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Jul 9, 2018


New Series: Boob Talk Episode #1

Do I really need a lift with my breast augmentation?

Part 1: Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Marc Mani shares his expertise about breast augmentations and discusses the question of having a lift with your implants or not.

Sometimes there are complications to breast augmentation. A double bubble is a post surgery complication. Healing takes 3-6 months before you can have revision surgery. 

Implants make a breast bigger; they really don't lift a breast. However, there are times that an implant can create lift on some patients. But implants don't really lift the breast as a whole.  Larger implants will be more above the nipple and have a higher complication rate. Dr. Mani prefers smaller implants especially in mature patients. 

If you feel you need a lift after your implant its best to wait 6-12 months before you have a lift. 

For more info, please listen to the full episode.

Contact info: Dr. Marc Mani 




Bonus: Part 2 Noelle from San Francisco shares her story about her decision not to have a lift with her breast augmentation.