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Aug 16, 2018

The Laser Bra Lift

Are you a good candidate for an internal bra lift instead of a traditional breast lift? LA Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Grant Stevens discusses the advantages of the Laser Bra Lift and who is the best candidate with Host, Michele Garber.

The Laser Bra is not new. Dr. Stevens has been preforming this lift since the 1990's. However, there are surgeons who believe it is nonsense. Dr. Stevens has preformed thousands of these lifts seeing excellent results lasting longer than traditional breast lifts. It is effective and safe. This is still a surgical procedure. 

The Laser Bra uses a patients own skin to lift the breasts, creating an internal bra lifting your breast to give you upper pole fullness. This skin is traditionally thrown away. Imagine placing your hand under your breasts and pushing up. However, this surgery is not for everyone. You have to have enough skin in order for this technique to be effective. If example you have ptotic breasts and your nipples points down, you are a perfect candidate. Or maybe you want a lift without implants or are having your implants removed and only want a lift. You must have enough skin for this lift. 

According to Dr. Stevens his laser bra lifts have a longer longevity than the traditional breast lifts. Patient's need to be aware that this lift is not scarless as some website say it is . There is a scar. Recovery time is the same as a traditional breast lift. Why don't more surgeons offer this procedure? One reason is that surgeons need a very expensive CO2 Laser in order to preform this surgery. 

We talked a little about the current trend in aesthetic medicine for a more natural look across the board.  Women want to look natural and more women are exchanging their large implants for smaller ones. In fact Dr. Stevens see a 60/40 split. More woman are wanting a lift without implants. These statistics use to be reversed. 

What's on the horizon for plastic surgery? Maybe a scarless breast lift in the near future. Stay tuned....

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